HGTV star Nicole Curtis tries to clear air on robbery claims

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A reality TV star in Detroit is trying to clear up what happened to her and her family while in the Motor City over the weekend.

Nicole Curtis, the "Rehab Addict" posted on Facebook on Wednesday afternoon that she had been "robbed" and was the victim of an "attempted carjacking" while in the city.

According to the HGTV star's Facebook post that has since been deleted, she was with her family over the weekend when it happened.  She said a crook jumped out of a black SUV and got into the driver's seat of her car. She wrote that she had her keys in her purse that was on her body but the criminal got a laptop and some paperwork before running back to the waiting SUV and speeding away.

After several news agencies picked up the story, including FOX 2, Curtis removed the post from her page. Late Wednesday night, she posted this update, and said the news had misinterpreted what happened to her:

Her previous post included the following:

"The truth is ... crime happens. I thought here I am the self-appointed 'come live in the city -there's no such thing as bad neighborhoods just bad neighbors' and I got F%*+# robbed ????"

She also posted a message to the man responsible and said if he gets caught, she wants to meet him to question why he did what he did. She also said she would pray for him.

Curtis has been renovating a series of homes in Detroit over the past year.

Detroit Police said Curtis got a partial plate number and they are investigating.