Hidden in plain sight: Grosse Pointe library art worth $10 million

Grosse Pointe library officials recently learned a sculpture housed in the main branch is worth a lot of money.

The Alexander Calder mobile was appraised for close to $10 million dollars - yet nobody knew. 

It's a colorful mobile by artist Alexander Calder and, thanks to spring cleaning, it's true value is now known.

"We have great light exposure," said Jen Bingaman, Grosse Pointe Library executive director. "But that provides some UV damage as well as dusting and general maintenance."

To restore it, it had to be taken down and shipped off.

"We needed to have an up to date evaluation for what it was worth," said Kate Demeester, assistant director. "So that we were carrying appropriate insurance."

It was previously estimated at $5 million but now, it's worth twice that - $10 million.

"Calder has experienced a boost in popularity the last year and a half," Demeester said. "His pieces have been selling well."

FOX 2 is told after the Calder is restored, it will be back where it belongs, and it will be likely looked at a little differently by library goers. 

But there is no fear that it might attract any world-class art thieves.

"When the Calder comes back and it's hanging, it would take a ninja show for anyone to get up there and get it down," said Demeester.

They say they have no plans to sell it.