High lead levels found in water for two Hamtramck homes

Every three years, random homes in Hamtramck are tested for possible heavy metals in the tap water. Recently, five homes were selected and two of them had elevated levels of lead. 

The city says they began to take action as soon as they found out. 

"Anyone whose water tests above the 15 ppb we will provide water until the lines are replaced at our costs," said Kathy Angerer, Hamtramck city manager. That 15 parts per billion is the state threshold in which action must be taken. 

"What we do have, is an older community with lead service lines so, over time, we will comply with the DEQ standards that those lines will be replaced," said Angerer.

She says water mains run down the center of the street, and from that main are branches that deliver the water to each household -- and that's where the potential for a problem lies.

"We want to make sure that the service that goes from the transmission line into the home is proper," she said.

More than 6,000 service lines are within the city limits. Hamtramck is also making sure everyone is informed of a potential problem with the drinking water. 

"(We) put ads in newspapers, put it on our Facebook page, and then we will move forward with an education component for our community. We'll send a letter to every household in Hamtramck, as well as test - for free - anyone's water," she said.

And upon hearing about this recent discovery, Felicia White is happy to take them up on the offer. 

"Everyone should go to City Hall and get their water tested," she said.

FOX 2 filed a Freedom of Information Act request regarding the two homes which tested positive for elevated levels of lead. The request is yet to be fulfilled.