High school athletes left with tough decision, graduation or district game?

Ten seniors on the baseball team at John Glenn High School in Westland are left with deciding to attend graduation or the big district game. 

"For a student athlete to have to make the choice in this just seems ludicrous and ridiculous," said parent Reverend James Bowen. 

Bowen is one of several parents asking their kid's school to figure out a glaring scheduling conflict on June 1st.

"I'm not here to say anyone is not doing their job or anything like that, we just want our kids to have the opportunity to celebrate what they have worked so hard for," he said. 

Bowen says in years past, student athletes in Spring sports have been in the same predicament, choosing between walking at graduation and playing in an important, district matchup. 

Now, his son, 17-year-old Graden, is in the same position. 

"We have seen it in prior years where some kids have gone both ways. Picked one over the other," Bowen said. 

Bowen did say that he asked the school and the athletic department to reschedule the district games. 

"The response that we got was there was not an agreement to change it, so it won't be able to be done," Bowen said. 

A spokesperson with the Wayne Westland district says graduation, which is being held at Eastern Michigan, is at 10 a.m. and will be done in time for seniors on the baseball team to go to Plymouth for the game. 

They also tell FOX 2 it isn't the most convenient scheduling, but seniors can do it. 

"We're hoping that it doesn't have to happen that way," Bowen said. 

There is still a month before graduation, but if nothing changes, Bowen is not sure what his son will choose. 

"I wouldn't want to be in their shoes?" Bowen said. "What kind of choice is that? Do I choose the academics that I worked so hard for? Or do I choose my team and friends who are like brothers to me?"