High school waitress saves life of elderly veteran

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Saria Keith did not just serve heroes on Veteran's Day at Logan's Roadhouse in Troy - she ended up saving one.

"It's just instinct, like when you see somebody that needs help, you're going to help," Keith said.

The 18-year-old Hazel Park High School senior was barely into her shift Sunday when she noticed a commotion.

"I was back there setting up for the party of 10 and then next to me I hear, 'He's choking,'" Keith said. "And I turn around like 'Oh, this is for real.'"

For real -- and almost fatal for 83-year-old Army veteran Charles Lowes. Peggy, his wife of 56 years, feared the worst. As customers dialed 911, some Logan's employees tried to perform the Heimlich maneuver, but it didn't work. The clock was ticking. And Charles was getting worse.

"He turned blue." Keith said. "I'm like, he's not breathing anymore. Like, he's not breathing. He's out of it."

That's when Saria sprang into action. She had also called 911 and was on the line with a dispatcher, who told her exactly what to do. Charles eventually came to. An ambulance arrived soon after. 

"I heard someone say if it weren't for that young lady, I wouldn't be here," said Charles.

"I was like thank you Jesus, I did it," said Keith.

His rescuer was relieved, his wife, eternally grateful.

FOX 2: "What would you say to this young lady?"

"God bless you," said Peggy Lowes. "Thank you for being here when you were. Love you."