Highland Park father robbed, killed with family in house

"They kept asking him to produce a watch and give up what he had. He had already given him everything he could out of his pocket," the family member told us.

They searched him and pulled a gun and shot Jimel in the face, with his wife and two boys also in the house.

"He took them to school, to their events," said a friend of the family. "He took great pride in his family and friends. It's senseless that he's not here."

Family members say the men took his life and then took everything they could get their hands on from inside his home.

Highland Park police are still investigating while his family puts together funeral plans. Both are hoping someone saw something and will say something.

"If someone has information that would help police out, it would help this family in healing," the friend of the family said.

PRODUCER NOTE: Information provided to FOX 2 by a friend of the family that Hendrix was killed in front of his family was inaccurate, according to Highland Park police.