Highland Park woman struggling with trash, pests due to neighbor's piling garbage

Broken jars of nasty salsa, torn couches, and a lot else is what litters the yard next to Andrea Hill in Highland Park.

It's a particular problem for Hill because she's learned what trash attracts: more trash. And after that - rodents.

At one point, she said she saw "a mouse and his mother." They didn't arrive until after the trash appeared.

As far as she can tell, no one lives in the home that's accumulating trash. The only thing living there appears to be the two dogs someone can see from the window, which adds to her concern. 

The messy mystery on North Avenue has yet to be resolved. Hill has tried calling the city, but hasn't had luck with it.

"The city is not able to assist with it because they say it’s home-owned and they don’t have the man power to move it," she said.

FOX 2 got in touch with the Highland Park Mayor, who said the home is privately owned and confirmed they had reached out to the owner to get them to pick it up. 

Mayor Glenda McDonald said the owner said they would do it.

They will get a ticket for blight if the mess stays the way it is. Further action could include a clean-up, but the mayor stressed it's the owner's responsibility.

For Hill, it doesn't matter who does it: "I just want it actually cleaned up," she said.