Hillary Clinton talks Michigan's comeback during Warren stop

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Hillary Clinton took jabs at her Republican rival Donald Trump as she detailed her economic plan in Warren today.

Clinton's visit comes just a few days after Trump outlined his plan for the American economy in Detroit. She blasted Trump for his view of America, one Clinton calls pessimistic.

Hillary Clinton knows she needs the manufacturing union votes if she wants a ride to the white house - and that road runs right through metro Detroit.

"You can really feel the energy and dynamism, driving its comeback," she said.

Anticipation was high following Donald Trump's visit on Monday. Something that wasn't lost on Clinton or members of the ticketed audience.

"When he visited Detroit on Monday (Trump) talked only of failure, poverty and crime," Clinton said. "He is missing so much about what makes Michigan great."

The speaking event was held at Futuramic, a manufacturing facility that deals with military contracts, the automotive industry, and even space travel.

"I got to see what's happening here to help build the SLS rocket that is going to go from Macomb to Mars," she said.

Clinton tried to relate to the crowd of mostly union members, telling a personal story about her upbringing.

"I am daughter of a small business owner and the granddaughter of factory worker -- and proud of both," she said.

But the theme of her speech revolved around asking voters to think of a few questions before casting a ballot - who has a plan, who will be fair, and who will bring people together to get it done. She feels confident her name will be on top of the list.

"One of the differences between Donald Trump and me is I am laying out my plans," she said. "I am telling you what I will do, I am laying out my plans, I will stand by them, and I want you to hold me accountable for delivering results."

Outside the event, roughly 20 protestors either pro-Trump or anti-Hillary showed their displeasure to see the Democratic candidate in Warren.

Inside however, Clinton continued to lay out some specific goals if elected.

"Let's connect every household in America to broadband by the year 2020," she said. "We will fight to make college tuition-free for the middle class and debt free to everyone."

Her speech may have even reached some voters still trying to make up their mind

FOX 2: "Did you have an opinion one way or another?'

"I was going to vote for Trump," said Steve Smith, a Futuramic employee.

FOX 2: "Did this sway you?"

"Maybe a little bit, I will give it more thought now for sure," he said.

Clinton was able to deliver her speech uninterrupted, quite a contrast to what we saw on Monday where protestors spoke out over a dozen times during Trump's remarks.