Historic Chesterfield log cabin broken into and vandalized

A symbol of how things were received a reminder of how things are. 

Sometime between last December and this March, vandals broke into a historic log cabin, stealing some of the decor that dotted its interior.

"It's horrible. You'd never think that somebody would come in here and just destroy stuff because they feel like it," said Liz Furton of the Chesterfield Historical Society.

Originally built in Washington Township in 1939, it was eventually relocated in Chesterfield Township. The Nielsen Cabin was used as a vacation home for the family that owned it. Now a sort-of-museum, the historical society uses it to educate students about the past.

While there's evidence that fire extinguishers were discharged, there was also theft. The vandals stole an antique violin and stole a replica .45 caliber Hawk Rifle. As for why someone would see fit to wreck the piece of history?

"I have no clue," Furton said. "Cause they feel like it I guess?"