Historic Detroit buildings can expect $20 million renovation in the next year

Their profession might be real estate, but Amelia Patt-Zamir and her partner have a much bigger job they're tackling.

"It's always been our dream, we went into real estate to help the city come back," said Patt-Zamir. "I know Detroit has been on the rebound for a few years, so we definitely feel like we are in a great path of growth."

As parts of the Motor City begin to see parts of it update, two developers are looking to grab hold of that momentum in their own projects in the Milwaukee Junction. Located at the site of the world headquarters of the Boyer Campbell building, Patt-Zamir and Rocky Lala will use a $20 million check to transform a former auto supply factory into new office space along with five properties as part of the project.

"Going to be brought back to life in a way that no one can imagine, and I have seen that in our other parts of the country," said Patt-Zamir.

Residents need not look far from the location to see evidence of transformation. Just down the road was where the Model T was built - an ode to American manufacturing and modernization. The area purchased by Method Development is slated to be retail and residential.

Those plans aren't just intended for office space however. There's also talk of techno creeping into the area.

"I really sat down with the community stakeholders when we bought the building and talked about what they want to see in this neighborhood," said Lala.

Electronic music started on this neighborhood back in the 80s. From there its popularity led it to Berlin in Germany. Now the two cities share a musical connection that Lala wants to help bring back.