Historic Holly Hotel, known for its ghost stories, damaged in multi-building fire

The historic Holly Hotel burned Tuesday.

The hotel, Andy's Place Bar and Grill, and the Battle Alley Arcade Antiques Mall all were heavily damaged in the blaze that officials believe began in the back, near the antique mall.

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It's the third time it has caught fire – it burned in 1913 and again in 1978.

The Holly Hotel is rumored to be haunted, and the building is known for its ghost stories that draw people to it.

Numerous ghost hunters have visited, and according to the hotel, parapsychology professor and "ghostbuster" Norman Gauthier declared it "loaded with spirits" in 1989.

(Photo: Holly Hotel on Facebook)

Ghosts of the Holly Hotel

While many paranormal encounters have been reported at the Holly Hotel, several are attributed to certain people.

Guests and employees have smelled cigar smoke and perfume. 

The cigar smell is believed to be from John Hirst, who built the hotel in 1891. It was originally called the Hirst Hotel. People have also reported seeing Hirst and hearing him laughing.

The perfume is believed to be from a woman named Nora Kane, who has been spotted in photographs taken at weddings, according to the hotel. She is also rumored to play the piano.

A girl or girls is also believed to haunt the hotel. According to the hotel, it may be Kane's daughter or a girl who died after she was hurt in a livery stable where the parking lot now is.

The child ghost is rumored to play with the meat cleaver and other utensils, and the hotel said she appeared during a 1990s séance. 

The Hirsts' dog Leona is also believed to bark, run through the halls, and brush against people.