Historic St. Clair Shores water tower knocked down

After years of vacancy, residents of one Metro Detroit community said goodbye to a cultural landmark when a water tower came crashing down Monday.

By the time its end had come, rust was the dominating feature on the St. Clair Shores water tower. White paint was still there as was a small icon symbolizing the city - but that was it when the city decided it was time for the tower to come down.

The landmark's demolition was a source of tension in the city with many hoping to see it refurbished instead of torn down. 

After being built in the 1920s to improve water pressure in the city, it was taken out of commission for years. It was until Monday located at the local golf club.

The city considered restoring it - which would have cost $400,000. Instead, it was decided to yank the tower down for a fraction of the price.

The footage was posted by Rosie Birchie.