Hit and run on I-75 freeway, driver hits man near Meyers ave

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Police responded to a hit-and-run crash involving a pedestrian on Saturday. 

According to police a 26-year-old man was standing next to a motorcycle on northbound I-75 freeway near Meyers ave in Hazel Park. 

He was bent over examining the motorcycle with his back towards the fog line on the right shoulder when an unknown vehicle, suspected of being a black in color, possibly a Pontiac Grand Prix, hit him and fled the scene.

Police believe the suspects’ vehicle has damage to the front wheel. The front wheel flare from the vehicle broke off of the vehicle landing next to the victim. 

The victim was transported to a local hospital for his injuries. Doctors stated he will need multiple surgeries.

Anyone that may have seen this crash or know of a black vehicle that has front end damage, please call the Metro North Post at 248.584.5740.