Man charged with HIV exposure, CSC for sex with 12-yr-old after finding her via Snapchat location, police say

After a 12-year-old girl was lured by a man using Snapchat and had sex with a 35-year-old, HIV positive man, police are warning parents to check their settings on phones and fear there may be more victims.

Anthony Hodges, 35, was arrested in August and arraigned this week on accusations that he lured a young girl through Snapchat by using the location feature to find where she lived.

The Allen Park girl was picked up in August by Dearborn Police as she was walking to meet Hodges and the two apparently had made plans to run away together.

Allen Park Police Detective James Thorburn says what's scary is that he seems like a normal, everyday guy.

He said the two met on Snapchat when she was 11 and they talked for weeks. Police believe his ultimate goal was to meet her for sex and he found her through a function in the app.

"It's our belief and our understanding at this point that he found her due to the location sharing ability of Snapchat; that's how he was able to pinpoint her home," Thorburn said.

If location services on in the app, Hodges could have seen a pinpoint of her exact house.

"These platforms allow for interaction between people that normally would never have interaction - they'd never come in contact with each other," Thorburn said.

Hodges was charged with four counts of first-degree criminal sexual conduct; one count of second-degree criminal sexual conduct; two counts of HIV-unknowingly engaging in intercourse with intent to inflict uninformed partner; and one count of habitual offender, second notice.

Thorburn says because of his previous record, they worry she isn't the only victim.

"We very well believe that there are other victims out there. He's had other allegations against him in the past and I would find it hard to believe there aren't other victims out there," Thorburn said.

The detective is warning parents to check their kids' Snapchat and make sure location services are in what's called 'ghost mode' as it blocks anyone from seeing their location.

"Obviously we can't watch things 24/7 that's reasonable and I understand that, however, every once in awhile - check-in. And see who they are talking to and where they might be going," he said.

Thorburn says those may be tough conversations but they're necessary.

"I think the conversation is simple we have evolved so well with technology and everything like that, the convo still goes back to beginning don't talk to strangers," Thorburn said.

Hodges is being held without bond in the Oakland County Jail.