Holly man who worked in Prince's studio shares his story

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Jason Druce worked on musical equipment for Prince in 2013. Photo courtesy of Jason Druce.

Fans are honoring Prince remembering him through his music. But one Michigan man played a role in bringing the star's signature sound to life.

Many of us are spending time remembering Prince for his art on the stage, wearing purple attire and playing a lot of his music. But what if you had the chance to work in his studio?

Norman Druce of Holly, Mich., takes us back to when he first met Prince in 2013.

"So, I'm in the studio trying to get the drum sound, I'm sitting at the board and I look up and his face is right here in front of me," he remembers. "And he was like, 'That kick drum sounds like finger snapping, ain't nobody gonna dance to that.'

"And I hadn't seen the mic set up, the drums or anything. I'm sitting there shaking, saying, 'Well I think we can make it sound better.'"

Don't worry, Druce tells us he had a great experience with the musical icon.

"He was just a character, man," Druce said. "He would do impersonations of me. Watching him impersonate me, it was so surreal. He was like a legend."

Druce got a special opportunity to work in Prince's studio to repair a console that hadn't worked in years.

"Well, it actually started in Detroit. I learned the console," Druce said. "These are some of the modules right here. F.B.T., The Bass Brothers were nice enough to take me on as their house tech."

That lead to Druce getting a call from Drummer Bobby Z  with the Revolution and there you have it.

"I spent back and forth a couple of months working getting the board going, re-tuning the speakers, getting the room sounding great," Druce said. "And Prince would go by himself in the middle of the night. He could hear if it was one percent off."

Druce also remembers watching the perfectionist at work.

"He would do like five or six songs a day, and take these reels down to the vault and they would never be heard again," Druce said. "He a tape vault full of thousands and thousands of unheard material."

When FOX 2's Josh Landon was talking to Druce, he asked him one word to describe his experience with Prince and Druce said, "magical."