Homeowner shot in thumb during home invasion in Garden City

Police are investigating a home invasion and a shooting on a quiet neighborhood street in Garden City. 

It happened around 3 a.m. Thursday in the 5600 block of Arcola Avenue, which is near Ford and Inkster roads. The homeowner tells us six family members were sleeping when they woke up and realized multiple people were breaking into their home.

The homeowner says he got up and, when he saw the first suspect, the suspect shot at him and hit him in the hand. The homeowner says he's okay, though.

The homeowner never got a look at the second suspect, but says the one that shot at him was about 6 feet tall and was wearing red shorts. 

We're told the suspects got away with several electronics, like a TV, a computer and some video game systems. The family is still looking around the house to see if anything else was taken. 

Meanwhile, police are looking for the two suspects but don't have much of a description to go off. 

If you were in the area and saw anything suspicious around that time, you're asked to call Garden City Police.