Honor Roll student, 7, recovers after being shot in neck while sleeping in Detroit

It hasn't even been two weeks since a 7-year-old girl was shot while she slept on her family's couch, but the Detroit girl is proving that she's tougher than a bullet is and recovering at home.

Aalissa Moore was shot in the neck on Monday, May 1. She was sleeping with her grandmother on the couch when the bullet pierced her cheek and went through her neck. She's now back home from the hospital and in her mother's arms again.

"No matter how much you try to protect your child from any harm. Stuff just still happens," her mom, Unique, said.


Aalissa was staying with her grandmother on Monterey Street in Detroit. They were on the couch while Unique and her fiancee slept in the next room. Unique woke up to find her mom on the floor and blood everywhere.

"And then I got a little closer and she was holding my daughter and...it didn't even occur to me that she got shot," Unique said. "It was crazy. I just couldn't believe it."

The bullet hit the girl in the cheek and went through her neck. Somehow, it didn't do any permanent damage.

"It broke the jaw in multiple places, shattered her jaw, and she's not able to eat anything right now, but that's the only thing. It didn't hit any major arteries, didn't damage brain cells, didn't hit anything else," she said.

The accused shooter was arrested. Jevonie Martin, 23, was arraigned on five charges including assault with intent to murder. Unique says he lived in another unit in the duplex and even has children of his own.

"Whatever he got coming to him that's just what he deserves. I have nothing more to say to him," Unique said.

Aalissa doesn't remember what happened but does understand it. The honor roll student is now moving on to the third grade as she recovers with balloons and messages from her friends and teachers that bring smiles to the tough girl's face.

Her jaw is still wired shut and more surgeries are coming. For now, she's on a liquid diet for at least a month.

Unique is cherishing every moment with her little girl and says she's luckier than ever as mother's day approaches.

"To have her alive and home with her, and for her to be healthy as can be, she can grow up and be whatever she wants to be and that's the best gift," she said.

Aalissa has an uphill fight and more surgeries will be needed. A GoFundMe has been set up to help pay for the costs. CLICK HERE TO DONATE.

The story is familiar to what happened to Malik Cosey almost one month earlier. The 9-year-old was waiting in a car to go to the movies when he was shot in the head. CLICK HERE TO READ THAT STORY.