Horse caught on video roaming Highland Park, rounded up

A runaway horse, hot to trot, galloping through the middle of Highland Park was the last thing some friends on motorcycles expected to see on the street. The horse was spotted and caught on video in the area of East McNichols Road and Oakland Avenue.

FOX 2 tracked down the horse's owner, Glenn Martin, to learn why a runaway horse was in the middle of Highland Park.

"Cody is an escape artist," Martin admits.

Martin says his friend accidentally left the fence open this weekend, and that's how the horse got out.

"So, he had the opportunity to get some green grass on the other side," Martin says.

For about 10 minutes, Cody the Arabian horse was free. Those few short minutes were even time to prompt the Michigan Humane Society to come out and investigate, but by then Martin had corralled his horse by way of a bag of grains.

Cody is often used as a therapy animal.

"About three years ago, I started a young program at the rec center in Highland Park," Martin says.

It's a role that both love, giving exposure to the inner city kids as well as the adults.

The Humane Society of Michigan says the horse is in great condition and will stay in the care of his owner.