Hot weather a danger for people and pets

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Too much heat can be trouble for anyone - that includes people and animals.

People in metro Detroit are trying to beat the heat anyway they can. On the Lodge at Greenfield, buying water from the comfort of their car.

"Oh it's pretty hot out here today," said Charles Thompson, out selling water. "It's like 95 degrees, feels, like a hundred, this is my third summer out here."

"Trying to raise a little more money for ringside, any donation will help," said Josue Feliciano an amateur boxer selling water.

Those not out to work, mostly staying indoors. Holding off other activities for a cooler day. Keeping a close eye on each other and their pets.

"If your dog is overly panting, lethargic, not displaying normal signs of what they normally do, your dog is overly heated," said Wendy S., team leader for C.H.A.I.N.E.D. Inc. a dog rescue organization.

Wendy says oftentimes, weather like this causes pets to overheat.

"Dogs can overheat just as quickly as a human, for God's sake, don't leave them in a car," she said. "The animals are definitely more susceptible because they can't say, I'm too hot and I don't feel good."

Also, keep them inside and in the shade as much as possible.

"If you're taking your dog for a walk today consider this, this thermometer says the sidewalk is 120 degrees, that's way too hot to have your animal out for a long period of time," she said.

If you can touch the concrete and it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your dog's pads.

And there are fun ways you can cool them down.

Great options for dogs that love the water, kiddie pools, dogs love kiddie pools, give it lots of cool water, ice cubes in the water bowl, frozen treats.

And even with ice water, Wendy's dog Timmy is ready to go back in after about 15 minutes.

"If it's too hot for you, it's too hot for your dog," she said.