House explodes in Warren due to suspected gas leak

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A shaky start to a Warren neighborhood early Saturday. A house exploded on Timken near 9 mile and Van Dyke. 

"I heard a really really big boom, something I’ve never heard before and I just burst up out of my sleep and ran to make sure my kids were okay. Once I found out they were fine, I went back to sleep," neighbor Salina Lloyd said.

No one was home during the explosion and no one was hurt but a lot of people in the area were left wondering what happened. 

"I was just getting ready to lay down in my bed, and I heard a BOOM! I didn't know what it was, I thought it was a car that ran into my flower pots, that's how the bang was, so I came outside and everyone was in the street so I looked to the left and I see the house on fire so I’m like dang," neighbor Gregory Novoselski said.

The explosion is still under investigation, but police say it's likely the result of a gas leak. However, Consumers Energy says their system shows no problems on the home's meter.