House of horrors: 71 animals taken from home of Augusta Twp. supervisor

The Humane Society of Huron Valley needs homes for 71 animals they say they took from the August Township Supervisor's home back in May.

Investigators said things were so bad inside the home that the animals had to step in and lie in their own feces. And there not one animal that didn't need help, several are reportedly ill and needing care.

The animals removed from the supervisor's home are: 37 cats, 9 dogs, 13 chickens, 10 exotic birds and two peacocks. The animals The Humane Society says they took from the Augusta township supervisors home.

"It is shocking to me," said neighbor Taylor Hawkins. "He was township supervisor; I would have never guessed."

Neighbors say some of the dogs may have even wandered over their way.

"We had three dogs in our backyard a month ago," said Trevor Hawkins. "There were two German shepherds and I want to say a lab or something like that."

The Huron Valley Humane Society says many of the dogs and cats were locked in filthy plastic kennels

A neighbor let us get a view of the backyard on Bunton Road. Workers say they found feces, urine, and debris in the yard and inside the home.

FOX 2 tried to get the supervisors take by phone and in person. We were told no comment.

"For him to abuse over 70 animals, that's sad," said Trevor. "He should not stay township supervisor."

The exotic birds including cockatoos, macaws and an Amazon parrot, were reportedly closed up in a room without light or ventilation.  Neighbors say they saw birds on occasion and heard 
them all the time.

Most of the house did not have electricity or ventilation. The humane society saying we could be looking at felony charges if 10 or more animals are not properly taken care of, that could mean up to four years in jail and or a $5,000 fine.