House sale on hold following discovery of unpaid blight tickets

Tamira Hardnett was close to selling a property at 18263 Oakfield St in Detroit. 

But now the sale is on hold after the title company revealed unpaid blight tickets belonging to the previous owner. 

Hardnett bought the property from the Detroit Land Bank Authority, who said the tickets are not her responsibility. Instead, its the job of the title company to settle the fines.

"Legally, blight tickets are tied to the individual who owns the property at the time of the citation, not to the property itself. It is unfortunate that the buyer's title company is choosing to penalize the wrong party in this case," said an offical from the city.

However, that hasn't stopped the purchase from being put on hold

The owner of the title company is planning on meeting with the city's building and safety department on Wednesday to sort things out.