How Detroit is honoring Black History and promoting black-owned businesses

The City of Detroit is honoring the spirit of Black History by creating a solid foundation for entrepreneurship and financial empowerment in the black community with events throughout the month.

"Detroit is 85% black and it's a great opportunity to celebrate black businesses, black people, black culture," said Charity Dean. Dean heads up the city's Civil Rights, Inclusion, and Opportunity Department.

The city of Detroit is offering a number of key events for Black History Month that will work to foster awareness on creating and sustaining financial prosperity in the black community.

"Historically Detroit has been the place of the black middle class," Dean said. "On February 17th at Northwest Activity Center is hosting a conversation called Securing the Bag for Detroit's Black Future. We have a couple of panelists who are going to talk about their experience and challenge folks that are there to think differently about wealth in the black community."

A few days later on Saturday, a push to support black-owned businesses in Detroit.

For the full list of events planned in Detroit, check out the city's website