How GOP candidates will include spouses in decision-making if elected Michigan governor

Many of the Republican candidates running for governor in Michigan say they will consult with their spouses if elected.

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"We'll share conversations, but at the end of the day as the governor, after input from my wife and with my other advisers, I'll take accountability and responsibility for the decisions," Kevin Rinke said.

Ryan Kelley said he will "always continue to consult with her," adding that "our conversations together always guide our decisions making process."

Ralph Rebandt called his wife a "brilliant woman."

"She would be the first and the last" person he goes to, Rebandt said.

While Rinke, Kelley, and Rebandt said they will consult with their wives for decisions, Garrett Soldano said his wife would be involved, just not with the decision-making.

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"She would definitely be involved with, not with the decision-making, obviously but what she can do on the outside being charities and everything else," he said.

When asked why she would not be involved with the decisions, Soldano said because he would be the governor.

Tudor Dixon, the only female candidate, said she would not consult with her husband.

"Final decisions on policy will always come from me and the team I appoint in the administration," she said. 

She adds since her spouse has a passion for state parks and trails, so she would encourage him to share his ideas with her on that but apparently nothing else.

As for the current governor, Gretchen Whitmer and her husband have a working agreement – he has no part in the politics.