How to avoid indoor pollution

You know about outdoor pollution and how you probably want to avoid that. But what about pollution inside?

Is that a danger to us? The answer is yes. Let's talk to Dr. Joel the cardiologist.

FOX 2: "That indoor pollution could actually be deadly, right?"

"My colleagues are really focusing, out of the home and now in the home as a strategy to be healthier," Kahn said. "So it's all about what we can do to avoid some of that particular matter.

"The World Health Organization said that four million people worldwide are dying from indoor air pollution. Allot of that is primitive areas but it is happening right here in the United States, too."

Let's talk about the sources of the indoor air pollution. Kahn talks about having fires and if you have a wood burning fireplace, let's say inside your house, that could that cause some unwanted pollution.

"Right. Breathing it in would be an inflammation to your lungs and your heart system," Kahn said. "Be sure you have a good cover, good chimney, keep the flutes open and if you can smell the smoke you better put the fire out and start over."

Even if you're cooking on the stove top and that, too, could be dangerous.

"In our kitchens, good venting, maybe leaving a window open for a cross breeze," he said.

To learn more and get some tips, watch the video.