How to eat our way to more beautiful skin

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You might not have to buy those expensive creams, you might have to eat more greens to have more beautiful skin.

Can we turn back the hands of time by eating the right things? Maybe so, says America's Holistic Heart Dr. Joel Kahn.

Collagen gives our skin a youthful appearance is made with vitamin C and an amino acid called Leucine.

"Poof, our skin is stronger, more beautiful and doesn't age as quickly," Kahn said. "The secret is, we don't make either of those. You only get them from your diet and our diet is so deficient in our food groups that are rich in Leucine and vitamin C."

What about taking supplements?

"You can and I'm in favor of that because the American diet right now is so poor," Kahn said. "Fruits, vegetables, legumes, almonds, these are where you get Vitamin C and Leucine. I am pro in taking a supplement just to protect ourselves."

Bu how much do we need to see a difference? Watch the video to see what Dr. Kahn has to say.