How to evaluate a job change

The economy has been improving and more people are deciding to change jobs -- some 4 million a month. Robin Ankton joins us on this Job Shop segment to explain how to swap jobs correctly. She's the regional vice president at Robert Half International.

- Size up the offer. Is the salary competitive? Does the corporate culture appeal to you? Do you like the daily job duties?
- Seek a track record of success. Look at the big picture. Does the company have a strong financial track record? What are the organization's plans for growth?
- Pursue an employee-friendly environment. In addition to compensation, evaluate perks and benefits such as flexible schedules, telecommuting options, recognition programs, and mentoring and training opportunities.
- Look for opportunities to grow. The best employers will provide room for professional challenge once you've proven yourself on the job. Can the hiring manager describe potential career paths within the organization and the support system available to help you achieve your goals?