How to know if your next job is the right move for you

Making a career change-- whether to a different position within your company or industry, or to a new field altogether-- can feel daunting. How do you know for sure if you're making the right move? How can you ensure you're fully prepared to succeed? Making the decision is easier than you think, you just need to ask the right questions.

Evaluate your situation: What is my current career situation like?
o     The first step is to evaluate where you are at, and to look hard at the reality of it.
o     Are you feeling fulfilled in your current role? Are you working projects that you enjoy, and do you feel excited to tell your spouse or family about them? If there isn't anything that makes you feel enthused, it may be time to move on.
o     Another way to look at it is, do you feel challenged by what you do in a good way? Is there room to keep growing, and to push yourself outside of your comfort zone? It could be as simple as raising your hand to help with new and different projects, or taking ownership of project to build your leadership abilities and get noticed, and unlock a new level of success.
o     If your current role/company doesn't offer room to rise any further or take on new challenges, it's time to go.

Decide What's Next: What am I truly passionate about?
o     If you know you need to make a move, but aren't sure where to go, it's time for a little self reflection--break through the glass ceiling of routine, and look at it from a different vantage point.
o     Ask: What do I really like to do? What types of projects do I excel at, and what is the common factor among those projects? What is something I would enjoy doing, even without pay or benefits?
o     Even ask your partner, a trusted colleague or a good friend: What have you noticed I'm good at? Where could you see me? Getting a third party perspective can help you expand your horizon.
o     Once you've figured out what you enjoy doing, take a look around at industries or companies in your area that would allow you to focus on these projects, and that would use these strengths.

Prepare Yourself: What skills and strengths do I have that would transfer well to this other position or industry? What do I need to do to get there?
o     Preparing yourself to succeed is just as important as making the move itself. Figure out what strengths you have, and what projects or results you've generated in your past roles that could transfer, or demonstrate value, in the role or industry you're looking to move into?
o     Do some research and find out if there are any industry-specific skills or qualifications you need to qualify for the role. Look for ways to get that experience in your current role, or look into taking courses or reading up to build that skillset.

Set Yourself Up For Fulfillment: What do I want out of my next move?
o     Jumping just to jump won't help you feel fulfilled-- you need to be intentional about it.
o     Ask yourself: What kind of culture do I want at my next opportunity? What kind of values do I have that I want my future company to share? Evaluate every opportunity based on this criteria.
o     Once you've done your research and gone through the interview, ask yourself: Will this opportunity allow me to be my best self? Will I be able to use my full potential, and will I be pushed outside of my comfort zone to keep growing?

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