Michigan bugs: Mosquitoes and ticks expected to thrive this spring, summer

It's going to be another buggy spring and summer in Michigan, according to the National Pest Management Association.

The NPMA predicts that mosquito and tick populations will be thriving in the Midwest during the warmer months. This will be caused by a warm spring and a warm and wet summer.

Ants may also be an issue this summer, with the bugs entering homes to find dry ground.

According to the NPMA, rest of the United States will also experience issues with bugs this summer, especially ticks, mosquitos, termites, and ants.

It's important to seal up crevices now so bugs can't get into your home. 

"The spring and summer season is often associated with time spent outside after a long winter, so it’s important for the public to be prepared for the pests they may encounter when enjoying the great outdoors," said Dr. Jim Fredericks, chief entomologist for the NPMA. "Last winter, regions across the country endured unusual weather patterns, which can have a direct effect on pest pressure. This means pest activity is on the up-and-up, so folks can expect more frequent encounters with spring-time pests this year."

Tips to reduce chances of being bitten by mosquitoes:

  • Use an insect repellent that contains DEET or picardin on clothing and exposed skin. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention also recommends the use of oil of lemon eucalyptus as a more natural repellant. Manufacturer’s directions should be closely followed when using these products.
  • Mosquitoes are most active from dusk to dawn. Residents should limit outdoor activities and wear pants and long sleeves, along with using repellent during these hours.
  • Areas of standing water, such as buckets, flower pots, barrels, and children’s pools should be kept empty when not being used to prevent mosquitoes from laying eggs. Change the water regularly in pet dishes and bird baths and keep gutters free of standing water.
  • Window and door screens should be in good repair to prevent mosquitoes from entering homes and buildings.

Tips for avoiding ticks

  • Wear long, dark-colored clothing when in wooded areas
  • Check for ticks after you have been outside