How your children can spot warning signs in classmates before shootings

As the investigation continues into the mass shooting in Dayton where 24-year old Connor Betts killed nine people including his own sister, more information is being revealed about the shooter who was killed after initiating the deadly violence.

His former classmates say Betts was suspended from high school after he compiled a hit list of people he wanted to kill and a list of girls he wanted to rape

"How is it that a parent does not know if their child has issues, I mean he had school issues," said Janice Schwartz.

Children who encounter others who are troubled, can often feel afraid and wondering what to do.

"You can tell your children to speak up," said Dr. Daniel Klein, Child and Family Solutions Center.

Farmington Hills psychologist Dr. Daniel Klein says parents should encourage their child to say something when their peers exhibit inappropriate behaviors.

"We want them to feel comfortable to go to us," Klein said. "We need to talk about who the safe people to talk to, are in school -their teachers and counselors."    

Parents can also encourage their children to use OK2SAY, which is the student safety program that allows students to report tips on potential harm or criminal activities directed at school students, school employees and schools.

And although speaking up can be the first line of defense to keep your child out of harm's way, Dr. Klein believes parents can also encourage their child to help support an another kid who is troubled or feels isolated.

"Speaking up means reaching out to them and engaging them and helping them feel part of school community," Klein said.

"I think the more we do that the more we will get at one of the pieces that underlies some of the challenges we see in some of these kids who are having challenges with mental health issues," Klein said.