Huge turnout at Detroit Women's March at Charles H. Wright Museum

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The first official snow storm in Michigan didn’t stop the men and women in Detroit from attending the Women’s March. 

Plenty of people drove through the snow to the Charles H. Wright Museum of African American History to participate in the 3rd annual Women’s March. 

In attendance was Senator Debbie Stabenow who gave brief remarks at the rally.

“Women and men of all backgrounds together to talk and to fight for issues that matter to working men and women and it unites us in being strong and fighting for those things that impact families every day,” Stabenow said. 

“You see many different community organizers and politicians here who are supporting a wide range of justice work and you see it all blending here,” Siwatu-Salama Ra said, co-director of east Michigan Environmental action council. 

It was supposed to be an outside event but moved indoors because of the weather, but still an amazing turnout despite the snow. 

Other issues addressed at the event, minimum wage, Detroit’s aging infrastructure and health care.