Huge turnout at the Annual Autism Hero Walk at Detroit Zoo

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Sunday morning, thousands of people were at the Detroit Zoo at the 5th Annual Autism Hero Walk. 

"All the people who navigate the world of autism are heroes, it's a challenging road but really fulfilling one and we're just excited to be a part of it," Lori Witz said.

Every day heroes and even some super heroes were at the event. 

Fox 2: "What's your favorite super hero? 

"My favorite super hero is Batman," Tucker Witz said. 

Elizabeth Worth is USA National Miss Michigan Teen 2019, around the time she was diagnosed with autism. 

"I was bullied, I was pushed into trash cans, had girls calling my phone saying they would beat me up if I came to school," Worth said. 

The bullying got so bad Elizabeth says at one point she even contemplated suicide.

"My goal is to get out in the communities and educate people about autism, the realities VS the stereotypes," she said.