Hundreds attend gospel concert honoring Aretha Franklin's roots

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On Monday singers honored Aretha Franklin's gospel roots.

A special concert was held honoring "The Queen of Soul" at New Bethel Baptist Church, her childhood place of worship.

Hours before the concert was scheduled to start, fans of Aretha Franklin braved the heat, standing in line just to be a part of this concert. 

"Aretha gave so much to the world why not give one day of my life back to be in the presence of people honoring her," said Nitona Hines.

"Aretha and I are the same age," said Betty Wells. "I remember listening to her and I just had to be here."

What they got for their patience?  A celebration in the form of worship.

"Though she took her wings the other day, it's well said that you will never die as long as somebody living loves you, remembers you and holds you up."

And of course gospel music.  The New Bethel Baptist Church holds roughly 1,200 people and there wasn't an empty seat in the house. The crowd reached a peak during the performance of the Detroit Youth Choir. 
"I always listen to her music no matter what," said Brandon Hill.

Brandon Hill has been singing in the choir for two years and says this performance will definitely stand the test of time. 

"Especially to perform in something this historic. it was very nice," Hill said. "I felt it. I felt all the love and I was also telling myself to not mess up."

"You are what God designed you to be," said one of the choir members to the crowd.

A feeling that was shared by those who took part in the tribute.

"You feel like she is there," said Mary Cook. "You feel like there it is over there. That is what is all about."

"You couldn't beat the tone that she had," said David Chambers. "It would get you just moving."

"I get her, I feel her," said Jennifer Jones, a fan from New Orleans. "Her songs were the soundtrack of our lives."