Hundreds gather for vigil at gas station site of triple murder

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They sang in tears while comforting grieving families. 

A few hundred people met on a vacant lot next to the gas station that doubled as a murder scene Monday. When it was all said and done, George Davis had gunned down four people. 

Three of them were members of the Citadel of Praise Church: 21-year-old Kristin Thomas, 24-year-old Cierra Bargaineer and her father, 60-year-old Raphael Hall.

"Deacon Hall was such a beautiful person," said Marion Townsel, fellow church member.

Their brothers and sisters in Christ are devastated.

"It was like a stab in my heart because it was just senseless," said Brandon Allen, Fellow Church Member. "It didn't make sense."

"These families are irreplaceable," said Pastor Spencer Ellis, Citadel of Praise.

Pastor Spencer Ellis scrapped the church's usual Tuesday night bible study for the vigil. Many offered words of hope to grieving families trying to make sense of the senseless.

"Even in the midst of chaotic times, God is still God," said Bishop Charles Ellis of Greater Grace Temple. "Don't ever get it twisted. So we say to this family, you are going to find the strength that you never knew you had."

Cierra Bargaineer was the mother of George Davis' son. The fourth victim Ja-mon Thomas, his cousin.

Davis took his own life after leading police in a pursuit that stretched into Ohio.

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While police have not determined a motive in the killings, they are determined to keep this kind of violence from happening.

"We're working on our intimate partner violence initiative that deals specifically with domestic violence incidents," said Deputy Chief David LeValley, Detroit Police Department. "We're studying those cases to try to figure out what are some of the precursors to it, so that we can prevent those kinds of situations from occurring in the future.

Detroit police will begin that program on the city's northwest side in the next couple of weeks. As for the victims, the funeral arrangements have not yet been made.