Hurricane Patricia's historic proportions

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Hurricane Patricia has reached historic levels and it's one of the most powerful hurricanes ever as it bears down on Mexico's west coast.

As the cities on the coast evacuate, the storm has historic proportions.

Hurricane Patricia has 200 MPH winds. By comparison, Katrina had winds of 175 MPH when it barrelled into the gulf coast in 2005.

But this storm isn't just big for weather, it's as powerful as 828,553 nuclear bombs and this storm is stronger than a magnitude 9 earthquake.

So could a storm of this size ever reach Michigan? The short answer: no. However, Derek Kevra did some research and found a storm that looks an awful lot like a hurricane. It was called Hurricane Huron and formed on September 11, 1996 on Lake Huron. It wasn't an actual hurricane but it did have winds of 67 MPH.

Derek Kevra broke down the historic comparisons of the storm. Watch his video to see what he found out -- including how much snow this would mean for Michigan.