Hydrate Detroit holds #SHAREWATER donation drive for Flint and Detroit

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Volunteers with Hydrate Detroit helping to make sure Detroit and Flint have water. The donation drive took place at The Avalon Village in Highland Park.

People brought in water of all sizes, many in Flint are still recovering from the water crisis and in Detroit many face water shutoffs for not paying their water bills. 

The message that Hydrate Detroit wants to send is that water is a human right. 

"This is hearts and minds in action coming to work that's going to save our communities and no matter what we have to look out for each other we have to display neighborly love to one another," Detroit water activist Demeeko Williams said.

"We're just meeting a need, and it's a need we know as humans we have to have so we just making sure we do our part, if everyone does their part then it’s no big problem on one set of people," At Peace Makita with Hydrate Detroit said.

This is the first year for the event, and Hydrate Detroit says they are always looking for drivers.