I-75 at 7 Mile won't reopen until after rush hour due to overpass repairs

The I-75 corridor through northern Detroit will remain closed until late morning as crews continue trying to repair an overpass that was damaged Wednesday afternoon.

The construction will shut down southbound lanes from 7 Mile to McNichols until late morning, likely creating a headache for commuter traffic.

A tree trimmer truck with a crane crashed into an overpass Wednesday afternoon, damaging part of the structure.

"We are not sure how long it's going to take," Diane Cross from MDOT said. "It could be during, or after rush hour. We won't know until they are working on the bridge."

Around 3 p.m. yesterday, a crane attached to a truck that hadn't been properly stored wasn't low enough to clear the Oakland Street bridge near Nevada. 

The department of transportation said the steel on the Savanah Road overpass fractured when it was hit. It's requiring support plates to be welded on - a little like a splint for a broken arm. 

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MDOT hoped the repairs could have been done before rush hour Thursday morning. However, crews now estimate it'll take "until late morning" before the overpass is repaired.

An alternate commute could be Woodward Avenue.