ICE ramps up arrests of undocumented immigrants in Ypsilanti

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The Trump administration is ramping up immigration enforcement and working on a new immigration executive order.

And while his supporters applaud the action it's making a lot of people nervous - including undocumented men, women and children living right here in metro Detroit

The immigrant community is Washtenaw County is uneasy.

FOX 2 phone calls to Immigration Customs Enforcement have not been returned, but we are learning ICE officials have arrested more than a dozen residents this week - actions being taken by the administration of President Donald Trump.

FOX 2 spoke to an immigrant from Mexico who understandably does not want to have his face shown.

"Yesterday immigration officials came to some apartments in Ypsilanti and they took about 12 people," said Carlos, through an interpreter. "It's something that makes us all very unsettled here."

The gentleman says he is in a tough situation, that he has lived in the US for nearly seven years, and he's close to getting his permanent residence. But in roughly 30 days, he has to make a trip to Mexico to finish out the process.  Right now, he's concerned if he would be let back into country.

However, if he doesn't make the trip, he could face deportation. His attorney, Michael Carlin, says his office feels more like an emergency room as of late, taking one phone after another. He has other clients in similar situations.

"If you decide you're not going to go, you're going to remain here in the US without protection," Carlin said. "(I'm) trying to reassure people and let them know you're almost there. You just have to take that final step."

A memo released by the Department of Homeland Security included an initiative to expand the 287 program, which allows participating local officers to act as immigration agents.

However, the Washtenaw County Sheriff's Office stands firm on its position, not enforce federal immigration laws.

Michigan Congresswoman Debbie Dingell released a statement which says in part:

"These targeted enforcement actions have generated a great amount of uncertainty and we are hearing that many people are afraid to send their children to school out of fear that they may be arrested and deported."

"I'm worried if I'm going to Mexico and I'm not allowed back, I'm stuck," Carlos said. "I feel like I'm from here now, but I have also have family in Mexico."

This man who says although he's very nervous about the climate, will likely make the trip to Mexico to finish out the legal process to obtain his permanent residence.