Illegal dumper caught on camera by security guard

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Detroit Police are searching for this man. He was caught on camera illegally dumping garbage at the Packard Plant. 

A Dearborn man was captured on cell phone video illegally dumping at the Packard plant Wednesday night. It's prompting Detroit police to conduct an internal investigation Thursday.

Security guard Rob Robinson says he confronted the man who was proudly tossing trash.

"He didn't care, just kept on throwing it out."

Robinson says the man began bragging that he wouldn't get caught and even read off his license plate.

"That guy particularly - no class, trash. He's trash."

Robinson says immediately after catching the man dumping garbage, he took the video to the 9th precinct. He says their response was even more frustrating.

"Two female officers that were on duty didn’t' even want to look at the video. They gave me a number to call to report the dumping."

When Robinson tried to call that number, he was greeted with an automated message - then a full mailbox.  Robinson felt even more frustrated.

"Find another career. Find another job if you don't care."

After calling Fox 2 for help, Sgt. Michael Woody of the Detroit Police called Robinson Thursday.

"I expressed our sincere apology for what had happened to him last night. I want it clear to not just him, but the entire community and the city of Detroit that this is not how we conduct ourselves," said Woody.

Detroit Police are opening an internal investigation against those two police officers.  Woody said anyone cannot and will not be turned away when trying to file a police report. Robinson’s video is now being used to find the dumping suspect.

"We will be working with him as well as with Fox 2 to make sure that we bring this illegal dumper to justice as quickly and swiftly as we possibly can."