Illegal dumpers leave boat on Detroit street

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Illegal dumping is all too common in Detroit with tires, furniture and garbage all too commonly seen.

But the latest trash to hit the curb takes the cake - a boat.

"A boat, I don't understand - I guess we can go fishing," said Alex Lisiecki, manager, Lay Manufacturing.

Well it's going to take a little clean up before this boat will be ready for fishing.  Video surveillance shows that it happened on Tuesday just after midnight at Sherwood and Milbank on Detroit's northeast side.

The recording shows what appears to be three men who decided they didn't want to go fishing anymore, and dumped the boat.

"My neighbor and I help clean the place up, but the people keep on dumping stuff there," said Jose Benvenutti, neighbor of 20 years.

Now there is a registration on the boat, but it's from 1996.  The cops did come a few hours later and helped move the boat. And neighbors say the city will eventually get rid of the boat. 

"It's dangerous, not just for our business, but for all the kids who ride their bikes up and down here," said Renne Skierski, who worked next to the dump for 19 years.

FOX 2: "What say to these people who dump everything here, like a boat?"

"The only thing they have to do is just put it in front of the house and the city would pick it up," Benvenutti said. "It’s just that simple they don't have to dump it. The city picks up everything now."

It is illegal to dump but enforcement of the law is also difficult.  There's no car license number shown on the video. The police have to rely on the community to report it.