Immigration camp protesters demonstrate outside Holocaust Memorial Center

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Is it fair to compare what's currently happening with the US detention camps at the southern border to the Holocaust?
That debate came to a head Tuesday evening in Farmington Hills at the Holocaust Memorial Center.

The two sides were clearly defined - one group of protesters chanted "Close the camps" while the other side used a bullhorn to say "The president is a friend of Israel. The left is not."

Farmington police used the driveway of the Holocaust Memorial Center to keep the peace. 

"Communists move out of your mother's basement and get jobs," bull horned one protester.

The location of these protests is no accident. Those in favor of closing the immigration detention camps at the southern border say this is the beginning of history repeating itself. 

"Before the death camps there were two years," said Rene Lichtman, a Holocaust survivor. "It built up slowly and the period I remember as a kid is what we are going through now."

While those who support the president's plan say this is an exploitation of some of the darkest days of humanity. 

"They are going to use the museum as a prop to basically say, well the concentration camps are no different than the holding cells at the southern border," said Rabbi Aryeh Spero. "This a travesty regarding what really happened in the Holocaust."

And while both arguments were displayed with great passion.

"We will never again allow systemic genocide. never again," screamed one impassioned protester.

It is a debate that will likely carry on into the election cycle of 2020.

Farmington Hills police say it went off peacefully without any arrests.