Impact that the polar vortex had on local businesses

As Mother Nature ushered in bitter cold air across Metro Detroit, many school districts, government offices and businesses stayed closed. 

Due to the closures, some area businesses saw an influx in foot traffic. 

David Zainea is the co-owner of Midtown's Majestic Theater, which also houses a bowling alley and pizzeria. Typically, his busiest days are Fridays and Saturdays during the winter months when school is in session, but not that wasn't the case for this past week. 

"It actually increased about 5-10 percent on the Tuesday and Wednesday when it was really cold outside," said Zainea. 

And the bowling alley is not Zainea's only business seeing a jump in profit. 

"It was a huge increase in deliveries," said Pepperoni's Pizzeria Employee Angelica Shelton. "I guess a lot of people did not want to come out in the cold so we had a lot of deliveries."

"Out of all of our business entities, that (the pizzeria) is the one that really spiked up the most," said Zainea. 

As parents continued looking for things for their kids to do during snow days, many of them ended up at the movie theater. 

"Today was a day where tablets and maybe outside cold air was too much, so into Spiderverse we go," said movie guest Hugh Smith. 

Manager at The Emagine Theater Royal Oak say their profits soared this week as a result of the unofficial winter break. 

"Monday we saw at least an increase of 200," said Emagine Theater Manager Jeffrey Davis. "Throughout the week we maintained a good 600-person day, which kept our staff very busy." 

If a polar vortex reappears any time soon and the doors to your businesses or school is closed, the managers at Emagine say their doors will be open. 

"Come on down to Emgaine," said Davis. "Heat's on, doors are open and lights are on."