Improperly installed dryer causes townhouse to explode in Taylor

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A Townhouse in Taylor is ruined after a gas explosion on Saturday afternoon. 

Neighbors say this is the woman who lives in the townhouse at Heritage Glen Townhouses off of wick road. 

She didn't want to talk to the media but a woman who lives in the same building next door told us what happened. 

"All of a sudden I hear a big explosion, the whole wall came out, my food fell on me, the vibrations was trembling, the whole house shook," Juanita Bradley said. 

The cause of the explosion is under investigation but DTE says it appears that a gas operated clothes dryer is to blame.

A DTE representative tells Fox 2, it appears the dryer wasn't hooked up properly.

William Burleigh was watching TV with his 3-year-old nephew when the explosion blew out all of this.

"When I looked outside, I just saw everything was blew up I just grabbed him and took off," Burleigh said.

"When I see it I was devastated, I was shock, I didn't understand it, I never seen nothing like that a day in my life," he said.

Taylor Fire Department have not mentioned any major injuries, however about a month ago a barricaded gunman situation happened in the same complex.

Fox 2 talked to neighbors and many of them say between those two incidents they are ready to move.