"Improve Detroit" app lives up to its name

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Ms. Gomez says she is tired of an eyesore on her street. It’s a lot that's being used as a dumping site.

“I have grandbabies, and I have kids that live here. They can't play outside from the debris from needles.”

Last week city officials say another concerned resident used the Improve Detroit App to report the pile of growing trash to city officials. A few days later on Monday, city crews hauled the trash away.

“We initially get the inspectors or supervisors out to access the situation with a goal of addressing complaint in allotted time period,” said Ron Brundidge, DPW Director, City of Detroit.

Two years ago, city officials launched the Improve Detroit App to help residents report concerns like fallen trees, illegal dumping, and traffic signal issues.

“A lot of issues are going resolved because the app directly connects the reporting citizen right to the city department that can actually do the work,” said Amy Sovereign, program management officer, City of Detroit.

Deborah LaViolette is a block captain and uses the app when she does community patrols in her Rosedale Park neighborhood.

“You can punch in and take a picture of what you're reporting.”

City officials say that information goes directly to the department responsible for the fix, and that cuts down on response time.

“The department who is going to do something about it can formulate an immediate response,” said Sovereign.

Since the app was initiated, city officials say it has addressed nearly 9,000 illegal dumping complaints in an average of six days.

Although city leaders say they continue to see success with this app they're still looking for ways to make it better.

“We’re always looking for new categories to add. We're looking at sidewalks right now.”

As this trash is lifted away, Gomez says she happy the Improve Detroit App is helping to improve her neighborhood.

“Someone is out finally getting it up and I appreciate that.”

You can access Improve Detroit here