'Improve Detroit' phone app lets users file complaints, check for fixes

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Mayor Mike Duggan and his staff have been working on the app for months. They identified 12 areas of concerns like, non-working traffic signals, fire hydrant issues, water main breaks, fallen debris and of course potholes.

"Hopefully something like that would help," said one Detroit man. "Especially with potholes because potholes are terrible around here."

But is the city equipped to answer the complaints?

"There is actually a designated person in every single department," Duggan said. "We have them by name on an internal roster who is responsible for every single one."   

Duggan said this app will give real-time updates on the progress of the reported problem.

"We have internal timelines that people have to meet," Duggan said. "Running water in a basement is 48 hours, that's an internal timeline. A light pole that is down is three or four days."

Users can see a map of the city. Each pin represents a different complaint and they can choose to track the progress of whichever issue they want and help keep the city accountable for repairs.

"I will know for the first time how long does it take to fix a traffic signal," Duggan said. "How long does it take to clean-up an illegal dump site when you report it to us. Those kind of metrics are going to be really important because it allows us to go in and fix the things that aren't working within our internal processes."

This is work in progress, the city if hoping to add to the list of issues and FOX 2 found a couple Detroiters who are already looking to the future.

You can get this app from the Apple store or Google Play.