Indiana dad lures alleged sexual predator by pretending to be teen

Brandon Ruff, 29, was arrested after an alert father posed as 13-year-old and captured him.

An Indiana dad was able to capture and hold an alleged child predator who contacted his 13-year-old child on Facebook, according to the local sheriff's office.

Brandon Ruff, 29, was arrested in Scott County, Indiana, after an alert dad pretended to be a 13-year-old child.

County Sheriff Jerry Goodin said the dad was checking his child's Facebook when he noticed an adult man talking to his 13-year-old child. The parent then pretended to be the child and the alleged child predator came to the family's home.

Instead of meeting the child, he was greeted by the father who held the alleged predator until deputies arrived.

When officers arrested Ruff and investigated, they found he had made friends with the child and had previously made arrangment to meet the child before.

Ruff was arrested for false informing, child solicitation and child molest with a child under 14 years old using a computer and travelling to the child. 

Investigators are looking into the possibility of other victims and parents are urged to check their children's Facebook pages, especially the Facebook Messenger, to see if your child has had contact with Brandon Ruff. 

He also had a fake Facebook Page listed as Sammy Castro. It is thought Brandon Ruff could be posing as a wrestler to gain the confidence of the children.

This story was reported from Southfield, Michigan.