Indiana's $435M Powerball winner will remain the anonymous

The big winner of last month's Powerball drawing in Indiana will remain a mystery to the public after deciding to remain anonymous.

On February 22, one lucky man hit all five numbers and the Powerball, winning the seventh-largest jackpot in the history of the lottery game. Despite the life-changing event, he's not revealing himself to the public.

Instead, he had a public relations firm accept the check for him. Jennifer Dzwonar explains that he has some big plans for the cash.

"The winner is very family orientated and close with his siblings and parents. He plans to give some money to family to help family members pay for their education and maybe make an advanced degree himself," Dzwonar said.

But it's not all about helping family. He also plans to make donations to charity but hasn't decided which ones or how much.

Here's what they did reveal about him: He's a Purdue graduate and worked at a Lafayette, Indiana, manufacturing plant. He also is a frequent lottery player and, before this big jackpot, he's never won more than $100.

Indiana has the most Powerball wins in the nation - with 39 since the game started. Maybe next time the office pools together cash, someone should make the drive to the Hoosier State?

By the way, if you win the Powerball in Michigan, state law requires you to come forward to claim your prize.