Injured man crashes into pole after road rage shooting in southwest Detroit

A man is in the hospital after being shot in apparent road rage over the weekend in southwest Detroit. 

Detroit police say the 35-year-old man was involved in some sort of aggressive driving situation with a group of men in a silver minivan around 9:30 p.m. Sunday, in the area of Fort Street and Peters. 

Someone in the minivan had a gun and started shooting, hitting the other man. He then lost control of his car and hit a utility pole. 

The man was taken to the hospital and is expected to recover. 

Police don't have anyone under arrest after the shooting. 

This non-fatal shooting comes just days after Detroit police chief James Craig put out a message to Detroiters to "check yourself, stop the violence" after he says they've seen an increase in what he calls senseless shootings.

"Many times we can predict; we can prevent; we can educate and stop violence. For example, if there is a gang dispute and we know there's going to be retaliation, we can address that. And we'll make a great effort to address that. But if you're talking about an argument where someone cuts someone off on the freeway, how do you predict that? So this is more of an educational campaign to say basically, stop the violence. To stop the violence you much first check yourself; your friend should check you, too," Craig said.