Inkster man found shot to death execution-style in Kalkaska

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A 42-year old man from inkster dies under suspicious circumstances in northern Michigan.

What happened to 42-year-old Broderick Ward? The Inkster man left on a fishing trip up north last week and now, Wednesday, his family is left with a million questions.

"It's just so unexpected and heartbreaking," said Sharde Straughter. "I just want to know how did he go from fishing to being shot execution style and left."

Broderick's family says, the father of three left Thursday with an old friend named Jason, to go salmon fishing in Kalkaska.

Broderick's brother, Samuel said Friday night he got an eerie phone call from him. He says Broderick wanted a ride back to Inkster because he started feeling uncomfortable.

"His friend Jason said when my friends come over you can't let them see you," said Samuel Ward-Bay. "A lot of my friends are racists. So if one of these guys comes over, just step in the back room and then come back out.  I don't want them to see you."

Not hearing from Broderick by Saturday his brother says a friend drove up to get him but discovered the house locked.

"(He said) I can hear your brother's phone ringing and I see a lady's purse wide open on the bed," Samuel said.

Broderick's brother and nephew drove up to the home they say, Broderick has visited before. They pulled up to a locked home and looked into a side window.

"The curtain was pushed back," said Preandre Ward, Broderick's nephew. "You could see a bed and someone's purse sitting there. The wind blew the curtain and I saw some feet on the ground. And I knew it was my uncle because he had on the boots that I bought him."

"I saw that he was shot in the head execution style," Samuel said.

Broderick's family called police and said Jason was nowhere to be found. The Kalkaska County Sheriff's Office on Wednesday called Broderick's death suspicious.

"That's murder, he was murdered," Straughter said. "Someone shot him in the head and locked the door."

Broderick's family called him a sweet, humble man adding that he would never hurt himself and can't think of any reason why someone else would.
"No reason that I can think of," Straughter said. "He was kind person; he was a good man."

The family started a GoFundMe page to help with funeral expenses. Broderick's family also is offering a $500 reward to anyone who can help them. If you would like to donate to the family, CLICK HERE for the GoFundMe page.

"I promise you bro, I'm not going to rest until justice is served," Samuel said.