No speeding tickets, Inskter police give out gift cards instead

That dreadful feeling of getting pulled over by police only amplifies during Christmas week and nobody wants to get a ticket during this time. 

Fox 2's Jessica Dupnack followed along as Inkster police pulled the old switcheroo, real traffic stops, without the tickets. 

You can see one driver go from sad to happy and says he wanted his grandma to see he received a $50 Kroger gift card instead of a ticket. 

"We recognize that people out here are hurting and we are going to do the best to help," said Inkster Police Chief William Riley.

Inkster Police have partnered with a non-profit called Leaders Advancing in Helping Communities to make this giveaway possible, which has been surprising drivers for 5 years.

A second driver received two gift cards for being the birthday girl. "Oh my goodness, thank you," she says.

Wassim Mahfouz of LAHC says, "Despite the tough circumstances that our nation is going through, and the whole world is going through there is light at the end of the tunnel." 

$2500 in gift cards were given out Monday and each reaction is priceless, LAHC will pass out $15,000 in gift cards this week.